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How InDesign searches for Links

When you deliver an InDesign document including images it is not always apparent if the images will be found automatically on the receiving end or not. Bob Bringhurst explains the rules of the search algorithm.

Fill Frames by Layer

The Script on is rather useful to create freely designed contact sheets. With enough images to fill more than one page it is not quite up to the task. That‘s what fillGraphicFramesByLayer is for.

Place Images by Contextmenu

Why can’t you place images via the contextmenu of a frame? This proofs to be quite handy, especially if some intelligent rules are involved concerning the number of frames selected and the number of images selected.

Swapping images

Many designers occasionally have the task to swap images. InDesign itself offers only basic support by moving frames or copy/pasting the frame contents. As usual life can get easier by script.