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Set table-columns numerically II

I recently published a startup script that allows you the set the width of tablecolumns numerically. Today I am happy to announce that version 2.0.0 is available. The main advantages of 2.0 are a) improved interactivity by using ScriptUI and b) the ability to save the desired widths in the applied table style.

Define cap- or x-height, not the slug

Occasionally I get asked if there is a way to define the actual letter-height instead of the slug-heigt.

Only if you know the proportions of e.g. cap-height to slug-height and enter something like "12pt * 0.671". That's obviously a bother since you first have to find out that proportion.

A script can do the maths for you, as usual.

Distribute Tabs

This JavaScript considers the left indent and the position of the last manual tab stop and distributes all other tab stops. It should work with several paragraphs selected, treating each paragraph indepentently. It works here with CS2 as well as CS3. Since I had no time to test rigorously any feedback is welcome.