Install scripts

How to install scripts in InDesign.

How to install scripts in InDesign.

Open the Scripts Panel. You'll find it in the Windows-menu, but different InDesign-versions hide it in different submenus.

The Script Panel shows two folders: Application and User.

Right-click on User and select "Reveal in Finder/Explorer". That will open a window containing the "Scripts Panel" folder in your userfolder.

Save the script file into that folder and you see it instantly in your Script Panel. You can

Alle Scripte, die Sie in diesen Ordner legen, stehen in der Scripte-Palette zur Verfügung. You can create subfolders (useful if you use a lot of scripts), but starting with CC2014 you can’t put an alias pointing to a script folder somewhere else on your drive. In CC and below this still works.

Some scripts need to be run automatically when InDesign starts. (The author will explicitly declare them as "startup scripts").

For these scripts you need to create a folder named "Startup Scripts" in the same location as "Scripts Panel" (see screenshot above)

Remember that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to any script you have installed.


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