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9. Re: Black Edges on placed Ai and PSD transparency files
Dov Isaacs Employee Dec 13, 2017

Ich zitiere mal:

This is a known problem in InDesign, Illustrator, and even Acrobat. It occurs when there is live transparency in an image and the image in question is being significantly downsampled. Contrary to what was originally marked as the “correct answer,” this has nothing to do with whether the image is in TIFF, PNG, PSD, or even PDF format. (I personally entered the bug report internally within Adobe for all three products on behalf of a major US publisher!)

The bug is in the process of being fixed and hopefully you will see the fix in a forthcoming 2018 release of these products.

The workaround, as inconvenient and ugly as it is, is to downsample the image in Photoshop to the desired target resolution before saving the image and placing into InDesign (or Illustrator). This does run counter to our normal advice in terms of when and where in the workflow you should do resampling, but this is the only way to get around the problem and maintain live transparency in the image until the bug fix is released.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to the release of the fix.