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Modified swap image for CS5

If you want to swap images in CS5 you can use this script. It is simply just one function in Gerald's script. Select two image frames and run the script from the script panel.
var mySelection = app.selection;
if (mySelection.length == 2 && mySelection[0].allGraphics.length > 0 && mySelection[1].allGraphics.length > 0)
if (mySelection[0].allGraphics[0].itemLink.status == LinkStatus.NORMAL && mySelection[1].allGraphics[0].itemLink.status == LinkStatus.NORMAL) {
var firstLink = mySelection[0].allGraphics[0].itemLink.filePath;
var secondLink = mySelection[1].allGraphics[0].itemLink.filePath;
} else {
alert("This cannot work with images whose status is not up-to-date");
} else {
alert("Please select two image frames");


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