Update Textvariable before Export

Interesting problem on the Adobe Forum: tha "page information" contained in the printer marks always dsiplays the name of the InDesign document, even if you save the PDF under a different name.

The only solution I can think of is to use a text variable (Type > Text Variables > Define...) to contain the name of the PDF, place that variable in the slug or bleed and update the contents of the variable before exporting.

As usual the updating can be done by script.

This script is proof of concept and can most likely be improved in many regards, it should solve the immediate problem mentioned above, though. Tested in Version CC2015 MacOS.

How to use:

  • Install script
  • Create a text variable named "pageInformation" and put it anywhere, preferably in the slug or bleed on the master page
  • Start the script to export to PDF.

How to install scripts.

Create document preset from document

Today I read "If I could open an old document that already has right settings, and save a New Document Preset from this existing document, it would be a big timesaver."

That’s what scripts are for.

Accessing panelmenus without the panel

Unless you have a panel open you can't access the panel's menu.

Or can you?

Very simple versioning script

I just got an email telling me that this very very old script of mine stopped working under CS5

The script automatically creates a backup copy of the current document while saving. Apply cmd-S as shortcut for the script and you won't notice it is there.

Link any script into your menu

A number of reasons made me take this script from the server. I apologise for any resulting inconveniences.

How InDesign searches for Links

When you deliver an InDesign document including images it is not always apparent if the images will be found automatically on the receiving end or not. Bob Bringhurst explains the rules of the search algorithm.

Fill Frames by Layer

The Script on http://www.indesign-faq.de/en/images_by_contextmenu is rather useful to create freely designed contact sheets. With enough images to fill more than one page it is not quite up to the task. That‘s what fillGraphicFramesByLayer is for.

Remember the page you started a search

Sometimes after you finish an elaborate search you might want to get back to the page you started the search. But how to get there?