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Nice script

Nice script (didn't spot it until just now). I've pressed it into service to get quicker access to the character and paragraph flyouts. I prefer always to have an empty work space with no panels open, and even with these two panels open it's a hassle to open their flyouts. And I'm not a big fan of the Control strip.

The current script defeats itself a bit by displaying all panels. It would be nice if you could make it the list of displayed panels names configurable in some way.

Another thing is that it takes time to run. On my (pretty quick) PC it takes 26 seconds to run. But if you change "app.menus" and "menu.menuItems" to "app.menus.everyItem().getElements()" and "menu.menuItems.everyItem().getElements()", respectively, the script finishes in 0.4 seconds!

Thanks for a great script.